Monday, July 11, 2011

Thai Beef Salad

My Thai beef salad recipe is super yummy and adapted from this recipe, with one big change to the recipe and with specifications to the salad. Also, I always double the recipe.

In order to make this recipe you will need the following ingredients:

For marinating:

1lb lean beef
-2Tbsp soy sauce
-1 clove crushed garlic

For the dressing:

1tsp garlic
-1tsp chili
-1tsp ginger
-4Tbsp lime juice
-4Tbsp sweet chili sauce
-4tsp soy sauce
-2tsp sugar
-4Tbsp chopped cilantro (coriander)

For the salad:

1 small head red lettuce
-2 small, ripe tomatoes
-2/3 to 3/4cups uncooked rice

I prefer to chop up the beef into about 1-inch chunks. It makes it easier and it makes the marinade more effective.

Marinate the beef in the garlic and soy sauce for at least three hours. At least three hours is better and gives a better flavour, but if you forget, as long as you can get will be good.

This recipe is all about the salad dressing. It it what makes this recipe delicious. The best thing is that it's ridiculously easy. Just combine all ingredients and mix it up. The garlic, chili and ginger can be fresh, jarred, or dry. It's delicious, no matter what.

Ingredients before...

Ingredients after!

For the salad, take the head of lettuce and chop it very thinly, almost as though it were shredded. Cut the tomatoes into very thin slices. Cook the rice. Remember: twice the amount of water to the amount of rice you have (so 1.5 cups water for 3/4cup rice). Combine all ingredients and mix well.

Now, cooking the beef is a little more tricky, at least for people who aren't very confident in cooking meat, such as myself.

If you prefer to have the meat more well-done, cook it to your desired temperature, but this recipe is best done with the beef just seared. For my Jewish friends, the beef is not salted before cooking, so to remove as much blood as possible, rinse and drain repeatedly after the beef is cut into smaller chunks. If marinating in soy sauce counts as salting, a Kosher alternative would be to skip marinating and add the soy sauce and garlic mixture after the beef is slightly browned on the outside and let it stir fry for a minute or two. There is no reason for my Jewish brothers and sisters to not experience this delicious recipe!

Now that we're all on the same page, heat up a frying pan (or wok for the Kosher alternative) to a medium-high heat. Do not add any oil or butter. Just put the meat on the pan, one piece at a time.

Now, once I finished adding the beef, I immediately went to the first piece I put on and turned it over, then went through them and turned each of the pieces over one by one.

Then I take them all out one by one, in the approximate order I turned them. The only thing is you want to make sure they're browned on all sides. If there are a few that aren't, just turn them on the offending side for about 30 seconds.

If you cooked the beef in a wok, just toss it, until sufficiently browned.

The beef should be very soft. Slice it into very thin slices and add to the salad. The beef should be very pink in the middle. I highly recommend snitching a few slices. They are very delicious.

Stir up the salad very well. You can either pour the dressing over it or mix it into the salad itself. Either way, it is extremely tasty.



Boring version of recipe instructions:

Marinate beef for at least three hours. Thinly slice lettuce and tomatoes, cook the rice and combine with lettuce and tomatoes. Mix. Combine all salad dressing ingredients. Set aside. Sear beef on all side over medium-high heat without oil or butter. Slice beef thinly. Add over salad. Mix salad well. Serve dressing over salad.


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