Friday, August 19, 2011

Iftar Ideas: Greek Pizza

I love this recipe, but it can take a while because there's really no multitasking between these different components.

I first made this with my cousin Alexandra for a small family party a few years ago. It seems like it's going to be plain, but it's actually super-tasty and it makes a perfect iftar. It's filling enough for after a long day of fasting, but light enough so it doesn't make you feel sick.

This is an incredibly approximate recipe. Amounts are not very important at all. It's pizza - it's flexible!

You will need the following ingredients for this recipe:

-Several Tablespoons melted butter
-Crushed rosemary
-1 box phyllo dough sheets
-2 tomatoes, sliced
-About 1½ cups croutons, crushed up
-1 onion, chopped
-Olive oil
-2 cloves crushed garlic
-1 bag spinach
-Juice of one lime
-Goat cheese (feta or chèvre style - whichever you prefer)

Mix together the rosemary and melted butter. Once again, amounts are not important, so the amount of rosemary you put in is completely up to you. This is what mine looked like:

Start by laying out the phyllo dough, one layer at a time. Between each layer, paint on butter mixture, trying to get the whole thing covered in butter, but not soaked.

To crush the croutons, put them in a plastic zip-lock bag and crush them by hand. Then add the tomato slices to the bag and toss them around until they're coated with crouton crumbs.

Place tomato slices and diced onions on the dough.

Next, sauté the garlic cloves for just a few minutes. Don't let them get brown because they'll continue to cook for a while and if you burn the garlic, you'll have to start over.

Once the garlic has been cooking for a couple of minutes, add a large handful of spinach. Stir it around. The spinach will wilt and once there is sufficient space in the pan, add another handful. Continue until half the spinach is used up. Squeeze the juice of half a lime onto the spinach and stir it up well, then continue adding handfuls until all the spinach is in the pan. Then add the juice of the other half of the lime.

Make sure you keep stirring the spinach as it cooks. You don't want it to burn and even more importantly, you don't want the garlic to burn.

Once the spinach is all wilted, add it to the pizza.

Crumble up the goat cheese and spread it over the pizza.

Cook at 400°F for 15-20 minutes.




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